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AdWallet PRO Account

What is an AdWallet PRO account?

For larger advertisers, AdWallet is proud to offer AdWallet PRO. An AdWallet PRO account offers larger advertisers an additional five key benefits over and above a standard AdWallet account:

  • A significant discount on every user engagement.
  • More robust analytical reports at the end of each campaign that can be easily white-labeled for clients and/or stakeholders.
  • A dedicated Account Executive who will personally assist you with targeting, budgeting, and payment.
  • An advanced dashboard that is capable of managing multiple clients and campaigns at the same time.
  • A dedicated space on our Creative Services Directory that small businesses are directed to when they are in need of additional advertising services.
How do I get an AdWallet PRO account?

There are two ways to access the benefits of an AdWallet PRO account:

  1. Pay an annual subscription fee of $6,600 ($550 a month) and immediately begin receiving a discount on each engagement.
  2. Place over $75,000 worth of advertising on AdWallet and you will automatically qualify for an AdWallet PRO account. You will be able to access all of the benefits of an AdWallet PRO account for the remainder of that calendar year in which the $75,000 investment was made.
How do I set up my AdWallet PRO account?