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User FAQs

What does AdWallet do with my personal information?

Protecting the personal information and privacy of our users is of the utmost importance to AdWallet. NONE of our user’s personal information is sold or distributed to third-party vendors. Advertisers will receive detailed analytics at the end of their campaigns that demonstrate the characteristics of the individuals that watched their ads and downloaded/redeemed their offers. However, they do not receive any information about your specific identity, so they would not be able to contact you directly, or be able to retarget your identity in any way.

How does AdWallet decide what ads to serve me?

Think of AdWallet like an online dating service (but for people to be introduced to potential ads instead of potential mates). When you fill out your personal survey, you are enabling AdWallet to determine what ads to send to you. Just like an online dating site, you should (more often than not) be getting ads that fit your personal criteria.

How many ads can I expect to get from AdWallet?

At most, you’ll receive three ads per day. However, there will be some days where you might not receive any ads. The number of ads you receive depends on if you are the right match for one of our advertisers.

Is there an age requirement to sign up for an AdWallet account?

Yes. You must be 13 years old to sign up for an AdWallet account.

Will the content of the ads reviewed before they are sent to me?

Yes. All of the content that advertisers upload is reviewed by our team at AdWallet before it’s allowed to be sent to our members. The content is reviewed for appropriateness, accuracy, and validity.

Is AdWallet hiring?

AdWallet is always looking for the best of the best. Send your résumé to:

Advertisers FAQ's

When can I access AdWallet?

You can access and view AdWallet on your phone via our mobile app (available on Apple & Google) as well as on any desktop or tablet device.

How much does it cost to set up an account on AdWallet?

It is FREE to set up an account on AdWallet for your business.

What is the minimum amount of money I need to spend to launch a campaign?

Campaigns can run for as little as $250.

What happens if my campaign ends, and my full budget hasn’t been spent?

If your campaign ends, and there are still unused funds in your budget, AdWallet will provide you the remaining funds as a credit that you can apply to your future campaigns on AdWallet. Credits expire after 24 months of being initially awarded.

How much do I pay when someone watches my ad?

AdWallet will deduct $1 from your budget every time one of our users watches your ad and successfully answers your “attention” question, proving they really watched your ad.

If you select the ability for your target to share your ad on social media for an additional $0.25, we will deduct a total of $1.25 for each of those engagements.

How do I attach an offer to my ad on AdWallet?

Within our system, AdWallet offers a built-in “Offer Builder”. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to create your offer.

Will AdWallet create an ad for me?

AdWallet does not have an in-house production team or studio. If you’d like to run an ad on AdWallet, and do not currently have an ad, visit our Creative Directory which lists some of our favorite ad-producing partners in your area that can work with a variety of budgets.

What type of analytics or reporting will I receive at the end of my campaign?

AdWallet provides our clients a remarkable amount of analytical data at the end of each campaign. Click here to view a sample report.